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Are you overwhelmed with colour choices? Do you have contractors coming soon, but you are undecided for colours? Are you looking to paint for resale or just bought a new home and need some advice? Do you need inspiration for your commercial space that is trendy but timeless? Opening a new business and need to consider the effects of colour on your clientele?

We can help.

Our Colour Consultation services provide you with the opportunity to use our decorator’s expertise to pick colours specifically for YOU – to reflect your own personal style and coordinate seamlessly with your existing furniture and design elements. They will often suggest colours you may have never considered using in your home but our goal is to work with you, make suggestions, and ultimately find a solution for your space that you’ll be excited to come home to.

Colour Consulting is not about selecting the most popular or the newest colours, or OUR favourite colours. It is about selecting the best colours for you and your lifestyle.

If you select the service for in-home consultations, we can come to your home and help you with any of your decisions from draperies to custom blinds, from selecting tiles in your ensuite renovation to recommendations for your trim colour and accent walls.

Once you have had your in-home consultation with one of our consultants, you will receive a detailed report and information package that will simplify your decision making process and provide you will a step by step guide for your home or commercial space.

Being that we are more than a paint store, we even have professionals that can assist you with your renovation. This way, we can co-ordinate with trades and help take the overwhelming guesswork out of the job, allowing you to breathe easy.

“When you are overwhelmed – we can help by taking even just one decision off your shoulders. It is always easier to see the room with a fresh set of eyes.”

– Thoma Doehring, Owner

At Benjamin Moore, Tri-City Paint & Design, our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are passionate about colour and we are here to help!

A professional colour consultant will give you fabulous results, while saving you time, money, and work:

  • Do you have a room that just doesn’t “feel right” but can’t figure out why? Have you ever bought the “perfect” paint colour, only to be disappointed at how it actually looks on your wall?
  • Colour is the single most important visible element of any design. It’s no wonder that people agonize over it.
  • Choosing the right colour can be a daunting task; choosing the wrong one can prove to be frustrating.
  • With so many paint colours and finishes to choose from, it makes sense to hire someone who can take the guesswork out of the equation and create the colour palette that is right for your space and your lifestyle.
  • A trained colour expert knows how to accomplish the result you are seeking, whether you are painting a room, remodelling a space, or looking to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Why you should consider hiring a colour consultant for your next decorating project:

  1. Whether your taste runs toward trendy or traditional, a colour consultant will create colour schemes that will enhance any room design, taking the room’s walls, trim, ceiling, and other architectural features into consideration.
  2. A consultant is knowledgeable about the various paint products on the market and can recommend the right ones for your project.
  3. A consultant will work with your existing furnishings and accessories if you’re not planning to replace them. A fresh coat of paint makes any space look new, and the right colour combinations can unify existing elements.
  4. A colour consultant will work with you on large or small projects, whether you will do them yourself or plan on hiring a professional.
  5. Your favourite colour may be blue; but what is the best blue for your bedroom? All colours have undertones that may not be apparent to some people. A trained expert can correctly identify which undertones are compatible.
  6. Colour consultants understand the psychology of colour, and know how to achieve the highly desirable and harmonious colour flow you seek for your home.
  7. Colours look different under different lighting conditions. A colour consultant understands this important factor and how paint colours are affected by light, and will make sure that the romantic red you pick does not end up looking orange.
  8. A colour consultant will collaborate with you to ensure you get the result you want to achieve the first time.
  9. A colour professional knows how to “dress” your home with colour, inside and out.
  10. Not only will a consultant find the best colours for your home based on functionality, your lifestyle, and your personal taste, he or she can also give you great decorating ideas that you can apply to any space.

No other manufacturer can match our colours. Be sure you’re getting authentic Benjamin Moore colours, available at Tri-City Paint & Design.

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