Colour Stories

With the advent of Colour Stories, a whole new chapter in paint colour technology is being written. With an unprecedented array of truly unique hues to choose from, creating your own colour story has never been easier – or more exciting. Inspired by nature, the senses, moments in time, found objects and pure imagination, each colour tells its enticing tale. Now.. create your own, personal colour story.

Every Colour Is Its Own Story

Why is Colour Stories so Extraordinary? Two hundred forty, one-of-a-kind full-spectrum colours have been meticulously handcrafted into an astonishing collection – a palette so vibrant and exquisite that each colour is best appreciated once that paint is applied. Each creates depth, overtones, nuances and luminosity not found in ordinary paints. From natural morning light to artificial or indirect illumination, these colours take on different characteristics and appearances throughout the day. Evoking emotions and feeling, each unique blend offers a story and personality behind each hue.

Measure for Measure – The Formula

Colour Stories is a full-spectrum colour collection. What that means: Unlike conventional colours which are formulated with three pigments, full-spectrum colours are achieved through the mixing of multiple pigments – anywhere between 5-7 – in very precise, exacting amounts. These colours have greater clarity and purity, and are richer and more vibrant.

They Are Only Available in Aura Interior

The colour recipe was designed in Gennex colourant. This is a colourant system that is unique to Benjamin Moore products. No other company uses this system. It is Low VOC which means that Benjamin Moore does not add toxins to your paint when it adds colour.

Create Your Masterpiece

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