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Countertops can change the entire look of a space, but they are also an important element to consider. The quality of the quartz is determined by the quality of the resins, which are used to bind the quartz together. We selected Cambria (from North America), Silestone (from Spain) and Caesarstone (from Isreal) because of their regulatory obligations for quality. They are also just beautiful! All estimates and quotes include installation, because having quartz installed by a certified installer will help with your warranty and because it’s just easier.

Why choose quartz over another natural stone?

Marble is very soft. With quartz do not have the risk of hidden fissures that could overtime break and land on your floor (like our dining room table did, just a few years ago). You also do not have nearly as much maintenance. Granite is porous and that means it can stain. It should actually be sealed every 6 months to prevent staining. We like quartz because pretty doesn’t need to mean a lot of work. Plus, it is affordable.

A splash of colour for a family business.

Picking the right countertop for your space can make a huge difference.

Allow us to help create your masterpiece at Tri-City Paint & Design in Port Coquitlam.

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