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We can assist you with finding your perfect colour for your space – because whether it is your office, a commercial sales floor or your bedroom at home, it matters how you FEEL in each and every area you spend your time.

What is colour?

The perception of colour is a phenomenon of light. If you look through a prism (or a diamond!) you’ll notice that they divide into six colour families: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.

When we see colours, they are a reflection of those colours on the surface of the pillow case or draperies or fabrics and even a reflection of the paint.

Have you ever found the perfect colour in our store and taken it home to see it looks totally different? That is because the colours change under different lighting. This happens more with tans, taupe’s, mauves, lilacs and greys.

Colour is one of the most dynamic ways to decorate your home.

It sets the tone and feel of a room and also ties together your furniture, artwork and accessories.

“Colour’s power to shape the way we feel about a room is almost magical. Consciously or unconsciously, very often it’s the first thing we notice. The wrong colour can almost literally repel us, whereas the right colour will immediately draw us in. Colour has the power to add character to a dull space, soften a harsh one, make a room feel warm or cold, intimate or expansive. – (Cite Benjamin Moore Colour Book)”

Colour is one of the most dynamic and transitional ways for you to reflect your personality in your home. It can rejuvenate your space simply by adding a splash of bright colour or change it into a relaxing oasis by painting it with a soft, subtle hue.

Colour has such a big impact on the way we feel, and yet picking the right one can be so challenging for all of us. It is such a personal decision and depends on our own tastes and vision for the space.

It is not just about light but it is also about passion. It evokes passion in us all whether we are colour phobic or embrace deep bights or bold tones and even neutrals.

Where do I start?

Consider what mood you would like to create, because colour can set an emotional tone for any room

Colour is about what you want the room to feel like. What part of the day do you spend the most time in there?

Is it the evening? If so, do you want it to be a deep and relaxing colour to rest? Or a light and cheerful colour to motivate action?

Is your family room a space where you have children full of energy but where you would like them to calm down and relax with the family? If it is, then you don’t want red! You will want to pick a softer colour that will not be too stimulating, such as Ranchwood (CC-500).

Ranchwood (CC-500)

Cochineal Red (CW-330) & Escarpment (CC-518)

Keep in mind the undertones of the colours you are selecting:

Colour is a chameleon and will change from various lighting and even from its very surroundings.

Revere pewter, a grey/beige colour, aka “greige”, can look cool and grey when paired with warm yellow accents and by contrast it will appear warm and nude when paired with blues and cool greens.

BUT if you pair Revere Pewter with something pink or with an undertone of red.. it will appear green.

“Colour is my favourite part of the business – I love talking with people and helping them transform their homes. There is no greater compliment than someone referring me to their friends because I have helped them paint their space with their own personal vision.

Colour allows you to do so many things. It speaks to so many different people on so many levels. What can be a very complex thing for others is a peaceful and intuitive thing for me.” -Thoma Doehring, Owner

Tips for Getting Started:

  • Create a scrapbook with individual sections: ex. Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Bathroom, etc. As you see images you like, make note of what about that original image appealed to you (you may not remember later). This will not only help you define your style but also help to communicate that to your partner/decorator.
  • Collect colour and fabric swatches from magazines. Gather ideas from your favourite vacation spots, flowers, trees – anything that inspires you.
  • Once you have gathered your ideas, take a look at your collection and see which design elements stand out. Are there specific colours, styles or other elements that attract you?
  • Group colours to see which ones most appeal to you
  • View all samples together in the room where they will be used. You will then see how your choices look with the existing elements and in the actual lighting conditions.
  • Consider the size and scale of your room and its furnishings. Keep in mind the concept of harmony and balance while editing your choices.
  • Create a list of the key elements that will remain in the room – sofa, rug, flooring
  • Determine your budget. Consider which changes will have the most impact for the money such as paint, slipcovers and fresh accessories.
  • Think about the room’s purpose and how you’d like to feel in it. For example, do you see your family room as a quiet haven from the world, or as the lively entertainment centre of your home?
  • Determine your own personal colour preferences. Which colours would you naturally gravitate towards – warms, cools, or neutrals?

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